Trusted Installations of Solar, Water and Eco-Friendly Systems.


Solutions to suit your needs

Are you an Installer, or an End User (Home / Business Owner)? Take a respective look below. Receive expert service across the full spectrum of applications, ranging from stand-alone systems to a multiplex of hybrid applications. In the domain of heating, cooling, water purification and electrical services, you will receive the expertise and engineering capabilities to integrate essential renewable solutions to meet your needs.



We are not just box movers. We work alongside you and form long-term partnerships. We can supply you stock, build the system inhouse for you to simply mount on site, even mount panels for you if need be. Our goal is to support you and make your install easier.


Your home and or business can no longer afford to be without essential services. Eliminate the frustrations of downtime time now. No matter the size of your residence or business. Finance options available.




Solar Energy

EcoElite Renewable Solutions has vast experience in designing, supplying and installing both domestic and commercial solar solutions. We specialize in both Solar Photovoltaics as well as Hybrid and Off-grid Solar Battery Systems.

We also offer water heating solutions, including solar water heating for geysers and pools.



Water Harvesting

EcoElite Renewable Solutions are specialists in harvesting rain and municipal water, reusing wastewater, water treatment plants, and water management systems.

Eco Products

EcoElite Renewable Solutions utilizes LED lighting, energy-management systems, ventilation, and insulation, as well as heat pumps and inverter modeled cooling systems to offer a full complement of eco-friendly solutions.



Comprehensive Energy Audit

A comprehensive sight audit precedes all our renewable projects to holistically reduce resource wastage. We are able to monitor all system loads, water consumptions, heat energies, and cooling loads to develop a successful renewable strategy for our clients.



need to Keep The lights on?

Outages affect everyone, so why not have a backup plan in place?


Want to Make your Own Electricity?

Use the power of the sun to reduce your electricity costs.

Need to Reduce your heating bill?

Solar can be linked to your existing geyser creating free heating!

What is using so much Electricity?

A simple audit can figure out where!